Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Follow-Up to the Follow-Up

I know what you all are expecting. You are expecting me to follow up my reporting of Ann Coulter's psychopathological, and tasteless beyond belief (well not beyond belief for her, at least) wishing of John Edward being killed by terrorists, with the report about how Mrs. Edwards politely asked her to stop with the personal attacks. And naturally such request was bent, folded, spindled, and mutilated by Coulter into some delusionary request she stop writing books. I will stop there with the context, as I have given enough if not too much. I am NOT going to say more about that. I will go off on a completely different tangent here.

Let me find something else to talk about, then, ok?

And it is time for a confession. Firstly, it took some time to settle on something as I had no clue to a theme, to start. After that, I was pulled toward the petty and snarky purpose of tying-in some post about psychopathology so I can say something like:

"Hmm Guess it is Related to yesterday's post, afterall?"

But I sorta got lost in Youtube and found something wholly-unrelated to Ann Coulter, psychopathology, and politics:

Some hottie Senorita,

sacudariendo lo que le dio el Dios, como la fruta en un árbol, en una brisa fuerte.

Oh and this might be considered HAWT, but it's from a prime time TV show; "My Name is Earl." I found it as at one point I was looking for the video of that song, "Happy Happy, Joy Joy," from the "Ren & Stimpy Show," but got hits for Earl, not because this character is named Joy (actually, it is Catalina), but because the character of Earl's Ex Wife is named Joy. If you have ever searched in You Tube, you know how the search function can throw up some weird returns, and if you have not ever done that, same goes for any search engine, seems to me.

Anyway, at least I got far away from bad nasty politics, here.


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