Friday, June 29, 2007

Do I understand this correctly?

I am meaning and talking about the (hurts my brain very very much) SCOTUS ruling on the school desegragation/integration case??

CJ Roberts is saying YES, you can try to (racially) integrate schools but you can't do it, on account and on the basis of the students race?


Does that make the slightest bit of sense.?

Hell no, it does not and let me explain how, by transfering Robert's (lack of) reasoning to other problem solving contexts.

"Dr. Dr. I want you to make my boobs bigger without increasing their size."

"Mr. Plumber man. I want you to put in a new bathroom, in another part of the house, without using new pipes or fixtures."

"Mr. Carpenter man. I want you to nail some boards together for me, with out using nails or boards."

"Ms. Mechanic. I wan't you to fix my car, but you can't touch it with a tool or a diagnostic machine, or even your hands."

Ms. Master Chef. I want you to make me some Beef Wellington, but ya can't use beef, or a pastry shell, and ya can't cook it."

Have I made my point yet?


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