Thursday, June 28, 2007

Did I call it, or not?

(Ok I am getting a little tired of the douchebag theme, but hey . . . did I call it, or what?)

Let's go back to the definition; my definition:

"A douchebag is an incredibly annoying and emotionally imbalanced person, who may be of average or even above average intelligence on paper, but who's emotional instability can make them appear to be no smarter than a bucket full of hair."

Now let us consider the latest psychopathological rant by Ann Coulter:

Ann Coulter loses it.

(Sorry, can't embed it, and there is a commercial up front.)

Ok. Let me put this rant in context.

AC is "Sick and tired," of people criticizing her over the words she uses.

Now a sane and rational person would come to a conclusion that in sum would sound/read sorta like the following:

"People are criticzing me for the words I have been using. Maybe I should stop using those sort of words?"

Not Ann. She blames the people who (strangely, oddly, and to her warped little mind, oppressively) criticize her for her tasteless and hateful remarks, instead.

And before I end this, I will say that is there anyone left in the world (save her) who knows about her and DOES NOT belive her to be a douchebag, or psychopath (depending on which word one prefers?)

Ok. One last remark. She is sick and tired of the fact that AFTER she does things like tell (*cough* I mean to say bullshit *cough*) "jokes" about killing people over and over and over and over, that people call her a Nazi.

Shit. I can't even compose a punchline there. The irony and psychopathology is just so telling, am I right? I can only restate it, this time in the form of a headline:

Ann Coulter repeatedly makes sick jokes about killing people and repeatedly gets called a Nazi. Only one who can't see the connection is Ann Coulter."


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