Monday, March 05, 2007

Mixed Emotions

Ok (my mind is still making this stuff up as I type here, so) I am not sure what to say but I think I should say something, but several things have been on my mind lately, so . . .I think I am going to opt for anti-stream of consciousness.

Never heard of it? I just invented it (I think -- DIBS!)

So that might explain the novelty.

Anyway, here is my idea about how it should work.

Instead of writing some long, incoherent, babbeling diatribe, I will instead slap up some quickies, in no apparent order, and with no particular bent for transitions.


Here goes.


Maybe another day. I got on a political theme there, and self-censored. But hey I did at least come up with a new stylistic theme didn't I?

I think I need to just shut up and play my guitar.This one (well, near abouts!)


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