Thursday, March 29, 2007

Confession time (redundantly, although)

YES (**shakes head in SHAME**), I admit it. I still "Rubber Neck" the Hannity message board.

What can I say to justify that; that I still think it is important to see what the other side is saying about the issues of the day? Or is the correct reply that every now and then I do find something hysterical there (but just as Mr. Hannity is ONLY funny when he is actually meaning to be taken as SERIOUS, likewise with TOO MANY of his fans.)

Ok, but here is the bit that was funny. Not in the ha ha, funny sense, but this comment was a reply to a particularly evil example of what I consider to be the the real forces of evil in the world and the worst threat to our ordered system of liberty:

Stupid Reactionary Wanna Be Archie Bunkers, who think they are funny smart people, but really are no smarter that a bucket full of snot, and are only as funny as getting a root canal.

(Ok that was long, sorry 'bout that.)

Anyway, here is the quote:

"I'm not sure what group you think you represent with your pathetic little hate rants, but one thing is sure, that group has no class."

Kudos to the author of this very accurate, and when it is compared to what I have called that (the object of the remark) person, very polite truism.

My favorite word for that (the object of the remark) person is . . . . and I will only give you a clue, is that word that rhymes with HUNT.

Hey, the person in question idolizes Ann Coulter so much that she once said she wished she was Ann Coulter, so can any objective person blame me for my favorite word?

But still . . . kudos to the author of the more . . . restrained comment.

I am too much of a Old School Joisey Boy for mincing words (when NOT mincining them is an option!)


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