Saturday, February 03, 2007

Saturday Quickies

Since I never mange to keep to any sort of schedule in even posting here, I will skip even hinting this might be a regular feature.

I don't take this blog at all seriously. It is merely a self indulgent outlet of my expression.

Moving along, time for some quickies. I am going to try for at least three (seeming) originals. I got the idea from the first one that popped in my head just now (and my inspiration was reading the rantings of some total idiot on the Hannity Message Board. No, not everyone on that board is a total idiot, but the one who inspired me is so much of an idiot I would otherwise describe him as about as smart as bucket full of hair.)

Ok. No. 1:

"Hmmm kay. If your life is so impoverished that doing that gives it meaning, all I will say is . . . Good Luck With That!"

(I should add that the nit wit at issue was heaping hate and abuse on some other poster . . . . in an attempt to prove how good a christian he was!!! I kid you not!)

Now let me try for another.

No. 2:

(ya this is sorta almost political; I said it to someone in the office, earlier this week.)

"Hmmm . . . now if the the USA was ANY GOOD at unilateral intervention, the rest of the world should be a 'Happy HAPPY,. Joy JOY,' kind of place, but it clearly is NOT."

Ok that makes two. Let me try for a third.


(Oh I said basically this to one of my co-workers this past week.)

"This job is so tedious that I am fantasizing about doing other things that I usually consider tedious but seem WAY MORE INTERESTING than what we do here, day after day."

Ok that is all for now.


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