Monday, February 12, 2007

Now I remember

Yes, earlier tonight I was watching the latest episode of Battlestar Galactica.

Great scene (but before I give the line that inspired me, I need to say that the person the line was delivered to was a Cylon . . . not a human but a robot who looks like a human, and the line was delivered to her by some "psychic projection" of her -- its own mind.)

Anyway here is the line . .

"You want to be human. But what you need to remember is that to do that you must care only for yourself."

That is a 95% verbatim quote from memory.

Anyway, I would just leave the quote as is for digestion but I need to dovetail to tonight's episode of 24, where bad guys, be they domestic or foreign, seem to be very "human" without being honestly selfish and self-centered bout it.

HELL's Bells! There is only ONE THING worse on this planet than a self aware selfish piece of trash, and that is some one under the delusion that they are doing a greater good.

I would rather deal with a self aware selfish person than some delusional scumbag, any day.

You can buy off the selfish ones.

The deluded ones are freaking INSANE!

And in the end, they are not only no better than people who are out for #1, but they are worse.

The can (at least to my knowledge of the real world, leave alone fictional world) do way more damage than the person who wants to make a quick buck.


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