Wednesday, February 07, 2007

My Usually Hum-Drum Day was Brightened by a (seemingly) Special Celeb Sighting.

Ok . . . I could be wrong, but . . .

there I was, minding mostly my own business, and I notice, this drop-dead gorgeous, very tall raven-haired beauty walking my way.

"That looks like Jill Hennessy," I thought.

"Is she really that tall," I thought?

She (if it was her) was wearing very dark sunglasses. As I got within 3 feet of her, I became more convinced it really was her, based on her facial features.

Hmmm . . . Ok.

So when I got home, I Googled and the real Jill is 5' 8".

Hmm, now if she was wearing boots with decent heels she would have been nearly at my eye level, and the slyly glamorously gorgeous brunette I saw was basically almost at my eye level.

I am convinced.

It was her.

Don't take issue with me, or contradict me PLEASE!!

I got nothing else going on in my life, so PLEASE do not harsh my mellow!!


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