Sunday, January 14, 2007

This is one of the reasons why I hate the hateful nasty Internet!

All nuance is LOST!

For example tonight the return of my FAVORITE TV Show; Crossing Jordan!!

(Mmmm . . . . . Jill Hennesey!!)

Anyway, enough about my attraction to the show's star. Now to the matter at issue;

Boston accents!

Now one of my (few) real friends who like myself, has degrees in Theatre says . . . (from like years ago when we first met) I have a High Boston Accent??

Ya, that is what I mean.

There is saying the word . . . . the name Jordan, with out regional inflection.

Then there is saying it, with the right elan.


I love me, my Jooourdaan!

Ok, I will stop there, as I am happy to have my fav TV show (network) back.



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