Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Roman Boy knows better, and is much wiser than so many

Alleged Experts and talkers of the modern age.

Yes, I will explain.

Since yesterday I have been watching DVDs of the HBO series "Rome."

Damned excellent stuff, I say!

Anyway, in the episode I am currently in the middle of, the Roman Boy (Octavian) is asked by his tutor- in-arms about a situation (read suspicion), involving the wife of the soldier-tutor's former commander.

The boy wisely opines:

"In absence of FACTS you must say NOTHING."

See what I mean? Very Very Smart boy, there.

So many people alive today (some making their living based on their alleged wits) need to learn and embrace that philosophy.

Anyway, I just had the urge to share that.

Now back to the show. Oh but befor that, let me say . . . damn, do I love Atia.

I do not trust her, but I love her as an example of a cunning, crafty, and conniving Roman Lady.

And she has not killled anyone yet.

No personally, at least!!!


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