Thursday, January 11, 2007

Preserve the language. Save our precious REALITY!

Ok, I am combining two of my favorite issues here, but they are clearly related. Well, any cognitive linguist (or at least fan of such) would agree with me the ideas are related.

Well, anyway, here goes.

When you see a fool, call them a fool.

Don't even laugh at them. Let them know they are a fool (not funny, just a fool.) Laughing at them only encourages them; they are such foolish people they have no idea of the distinction of people laughing WITH them as opposed to laughing AT them.

That is a large reason why they deserve to be called FOOLS!!

Same goes for clowns. I don't mean professionals employed as . . . Clowns. I respect a real true Clown. I am saying, that the kind of fool that should never be enouraged can and often is treated as, or called, a clown. But hey. If they ain't wearing greasepaint, and they ain't getting paid to practice the ancient and respected craft (I mean real Clown Craft), and particularly, don't really know the difference between making a joke and BEING a joke, treat them as a plain old fool.

Call any one who you suspect of bullshitting a bullshitter, and Call Them Out on it, particularly if they are people you might agree with on some things. This one is very important. If you knowingly cut slack to a bullshitter merely because they are on your team, you are not merely a bullshitter but you become the LIAR and HYPOCRITE. So instead, tell them:

"Stop with the bullshit already!!"

Sure, you might loose some (fake) friends if you act with integrity under such circumstances, but hey ain't integrity the greater value??

Likewise, treat bald faced liars with the same level of non-acceptance. Again, if you don't, you become a liar too. There are lies of ommission, right? Both kinds . . . commission and ommission are equally bad . . . if you know it is a lie!!

Now remember!!

If 2007 is going to be the year of No (Or Low) Bullshit, your constant vigilance is needed.

Thank you for your cooperation in this vital mission!


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