Saturday, December 16, 2006

Bye Bye, Ahmet.

My eulogy (as it is) for Ahmet Ertegun, founder of Atlantic Records.

And the short version of his exceptional life is found here

But here is the short version of it, off the top of my head, instead of hyperlinked.

Unless your name is Clive Davis, or Herb Alpert, or David Geffen, forget it, you are not living on the same exalted plateau.

This is a very exclusive club, the music moguls of the 20th century.

Rest in peace Ahmet. You will (assuming that such sub Heavens are in existence) have an All Access Pass to all the musical Heavens there are, from Jazz, to Blues, to Rock to post punk new wave.

Thank you for your ambition and ear.

Oh and give my Uncle Billy (the Be-Bopper) a shout out from me. You should find him hanging with Bird and all them Hep Cats. Ok?

Edit to add:

(What was I thinking??) Here is the official tribute site:


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