Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Day Two of the Katie Couric Era, at CBS Evening News, and I Have to Say . . .

I am falling in LOVE with Katie (*thump, thump.*)

Well she is cute, even in middle age, she has her allure, and I am smitten.

What makes it even better is we are getting the deliberately smarter side of her.

Smart is sexy.


Now my tastes, nah instead make the point BIOLOGICAL IMPRINTING, in female humans from my pov as a hetero human male aside, I think she is doing a good job so far.

But in all honestly, I can not really detach from that "hetero human male IMPRINTING," thing.

Give me a woman with a pretty face, and a soothing voice, and you can get my attention.

And if she is smart, ohh that just makes me more attentive!!!

Just don't put some ill-tempered, vicious ballbreaker in my path. Main reason I dislike most men for most reasons and under most circumstances, is we men are programed by nature to break each others' balls (well to want to and if we can then to actually do it.) That whole Alpha Male, become the Leader of the Pack by humiliating and defeating any rivals, thing???

That is why I have no need whatsoever for any ballbreaking from women, or any ballbreaking women.

I pay attention to women because (to a great and important extent, among other reasons) they are supposed to be the antidote to that!

I mean really, if women are going to be nothing but mannish ball breaking creatures who do not stand up to pee, what the hell is the point in anything in this world??

Opps, I digressed there.

But hmmmm. Now Katie does not seem to have any ballbreaker tendencies.

Can I say *MEOW* yet again!!!


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