Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Just A Reminder. My Likes and Dislikes.


Truth, Solving a Mystery, Being Valued For Who I Am, Genuine Compassion, Intellectual/Spiritual/Artistic and Emotional Stimulation, Making my point (or said otherwise, being UNDERSTOOD), Being Listened to, Listening to Others (when they are being honest.) Love. Giving Love. Being Loved. Being Treated With Love. Being Respected. Being Treated in a Human Fashion. The Imperfectness of Others, My Own Imperfections, Human Dignity, Natural Nobility of Spirit and Acts. SENSUALITY and SEXUALITY (oh, yummy, that!) Really Smart People Who Can be Down To Earth or Snobby, depending on the Situation. Family (really love that!) People Who are Fairly Consistent (again, I know folk are imperfect. That is just part of being human.) True Forgiveness. The sight - the sound - the scent of a Woman (ok, I am being redundant with that one.) Niceness. The Emotional Warmth You Can Only Get From a Kind and Caring Person. Really Truly Creatively Funny People (as opposed to the crap that passes for funny way to much of the time, either in the world of entertainment or ordinary life.) People Who Can Be Serious When Required, But Can Laugh at Themselves, For Their Own Shortcomings. People Who Can Say They Are Sorry, Easily (if only to make another feel better.)

Being a Dionisian. Being an Epicurian. Tactile Comforts. Genuine Smiles Seen on the Faces, and in the Eyes and Heard in the Voices of a Honest Open Human.


Bullshit. Mean People, Cruel People.

Oh, And Did I Say Bullshit?


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