Monday, January 16, 2006

As Said Elsewhere:

On those message boards that are all the rage, people have a chance to publish a profile about themselves. No, they are not as detailed as the long form you find as a sidebar on this page, but you can say a little something about yourself so others can see what you say about who you are.

Now I think my sidebar here is a fairly good synopsis of my self. Particularly, I think the part where I say:

"I strive to restrain my baser nature, and give way to the Angels of my Better Nature, but every now and then, the Angels loose the battle."

Yes, they do loose the fight, which is to say I loose the fight sometimes.
(I think I am way past the point in excessive redundancy, in mentioning that, yet again!)

Anyway, I was thinking about the itty-bitty descrip. I have up on one of the two message boards I remain a member of:

"Biography: Lover of pleasure, comforts, and nice people."

That is entirely true, yet compared to the sidebar here, does not say very much about me.

Still, I will break that one down a bit.

"Lover of Pleasure."

Well who in their right minds are not that? Ya, Ya. I know some folk's idea of pleasure can be odd, strange, or downright scary. Not me. My pleasures are of the ordinary range of the good things in life.

And just to finish this thought off, I know what I like, I know what can give me pleasure, and what doesn't.



Well basically what I said to the first part goes the same, here.

No need to take that any further, I believe.


"Nice people."

This is where it can get tricky, or at least very personally, emotionally subjective.

But what I mean to say here is, I know I am not necessarilly all nice all the time (just look at my prior post, here.) I can not honestly say there never has been an occasion in my life where I have had an unnecessary emotional outburst with only the merest or perhaps only a mistaken provcation. Mostly though, I have to at least feel impinged, or devalued to do that.

Now for me the hard part in my life has been either not letting the feeling of being devalued lead me, or otherwise serve as self-believed cause to commence an emotional outburst.

And whenever that happens, I usually always know it, soon after, and become, for lack of a word I think serves the purpose better, supplicant.

I know that well meaning people, even people who share time and concern with one, can not be all for everyone they hold close. I am not either that clueless, or that narcissistic. And before I ramble on, any further, I will repeat what I said a few posts back.

I need to work on being patient. I think it is the combination of my "gale force emotions" and lack of good, long, deep patience that gets me in trouble most. More so, than any unrealistic expectations.

Speaking of unrealistic expectations, it is time to go buy some lottery tickets!


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